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Types of Female Orgasmic Disorders & Its Causes

Orgasmic dysfunction or anorgasmia is a condition which occurs when someone has difficulty attaining orgasm. This problem occurs even when they’re sexually aroused and there’s enough sexual stimulation. When this condition happens in women, it’s called female orgasmic dysfunction. Sometimes, men can too experience orgasmic dysfunction; however, this is much less common.

Orgasms are extreme feelings of release in sexual stimulation. It may differ in intensity, length, and frequency. Orgasms may occur with little sexual stimulation, however, sometimes much more stimulation is required.


There are four types of anorgasmia:


It may be tricky to find out the underlying cause of orgasmic dysfunction. Women may have complexity attaining orgasm because of physical, emotional, or psychological factors. Factors that may contribute to the condition include:

Sometimes, a combination of these factors may cause attaining an orgasm difficult. The inability to attain orgasm may lead to distress, which can make it more difficult to attain orgasm in the future.

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