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Tips to a Great Foreplay

foreplay tips

Imagine a Choco lava cake you were eagerly waiting to have. Finally, it arrived at your doorstep but the molten chocolate that tempted you enough to place the order didn’t fulfill your desire. And, all your excitement drops off. You can still have the cake with all amazing taste, but it would have been more satiating with the hot molten chocolate. The idea of foreplay is to create sexual arousal and excitement before intercourse. Not everyone is familiar to the ways of foreplay which make them stick to the common idea of a lick on the ear or kisses trailing down the neck. Following a single pattern can lower sexual excitement as well as desensitize your parts.

Enliven foreplay with your partner with the following tips: -

  • Not just the lips: Usually, the site of focus is the plumy-juicy lips and the area around the lips is ignored. Not knowing the fact that the area bordering the lips is a sensual and arousing spot. Lips and its rim contain various blood vessels that can generate a tingling sensation to run through the spine.
  • The neck region: The area spanning from neck to shoulders including the ears is an erogenous spot that creates sensual stimulation in a person. Moreover, the triangular region i.e., the center place where the collarbone meets the neck has a comparatively thinner skin making it more enticing. For a better sexual arousal (foreplay) linger around the triangle spot for the bit long trailing down the neck.
  • The inner thighs: The thigh region consists of explosive nerves that prove to be sexually arousing and can make your breath go high. Entice your partner from there with gentle kisses around the region accompanied by light strokes. This move leads the nerves directly to the genitals bringing up more excitement in your partner.
  • Talk dirty: Dirty talks hold the unnegotiable power of sexual arousal. First, ensure what type of talks your partner like. If done right, the talks can do all that needed. Basic idea is to find out if your partner is into low-key dirty talks or the full-blown ones.
  • Try the blindfold: Blindfold is interesting as well as increase the senses of a person spicing up the foreplay. It develops excitement as the moves get surprising each time. You can creatively use a tie or eye mask for this purpose.

Foreplay comes from the Heart, It can't be forced. Better to rejuvenate romance in your sexual life and Have a Happy Married life ahead. For any sexual health-related problems, Sexologist (Sexual Health Experts) in Delhi Can be consulted.

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