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Things to Remember Before Going to Bed

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Bedtime is the time to relax and to forget the stress that we go through all around the day. All human have their own work which is segregated according to their priorities. Women have to go through the domestic chaos. If they are working, they need to look after the official things. Likewise, males have to plan their strategies for earning and investment. Both the genders have a burden of the task which they undertake with true dedication. Nothing is decided by the God, it is our responsibility to execute the work as per our choice.

Whatever the objective is, whatever the task is, human need night time to relax, to pray and to sleep. When it comes to after marriage time, it becomes our duty to spare some time for our spouse or life partner. Just having sex is not enough as it is not a domestic Chao which is compulsory to perform. Sexual activity should be filled with romance, love, and fun. More the love and more the romantic environment will be, more happening and healthy relationship will be. So here we are highlighting some points which need to keep in mind before going to bed:-

  • Never ever put into any fighting to arguments. Try to avoid the talk which may create problem or may lead to stress
  • Must not discuss official tension on the bed. The daily routine can be discussed before having the meal or while having a walk before going to bed.
  • Try to take a bath. In winters, people may be seen avoiding the bath. Atlas wash your face to feel fresh
  • Start with the romantic chit chats. Create a loving environment and positive aroma. Romantic songs, movies, and small videos can be seen
  • If initiating the sex, start with the foreplay filled with more hugs and more kisses. Kisses and hugs are the natural energy booster which maintains the blood circulation better.
  • Try to have light food in the night. Light food keeps our health fine and our stomach light.

Bedtime is always the precious time when we leave our negativity, stress, and worries. so we should utilize the time be carrying positive things only. for the married couple, it is the time to grow their love and relationship. So cater each moment with great love and deep care from the heart. express your feelings freely without hesitation and have a healthy sex life ahead!!

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