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Some Myths and Facts Regarding Sex

There are a huge number of myths around sex, and at times it becomes difficult to understand what's true and what's not. Here is a list of some of the myths and facts regarding sex:

Myth 1

You cannot get pregnant in your periods.

Fact: It is possible to get pregnant during your periods. Sperm may live for up to seven days, so if you ovulate after a week of your period, you can get pregnant. It's not safe to have sexual intercourse during your period unless you're using contraception for protection.

Myth 2

Sex in a pool decreases the chances of contracting STDs

Fact: Usually, maximum STDs are contracted by unprotected sexual activities. Having unprotected sex anywhere with a person already infected may give you STDs. Water cannot stop the spread of any STD.

Myth 3

You can get pregnant by having oral sex

Fact:: You can never get pregnant from oral sex, even if you swallow sperm.

Myth 4

You cannot get an STI by oral sex

Fact:: You can catch an STI if you go for unprotected oral sex.

Myth 5

You can't get pregnant if a man withdraws before ejaculation.

Fact:: It’s not true. Prior to a man ejaculates, he discharges fluid from his penis which contains sperm and can simply result in pregnancy.

Myth 6

You can't get pregnant the first time you have sexual intercourse

Fact:: You can get pregnant anytime if a sperm fertilizes an egg.

Myth 7

Pregnancy can be avoided through certain sexual positions.

Fact:: Again, the fact is that you can get pregnant anywhere, any time and in any position if a sperm fertilizes an egg.

Myth 8

Women cannot get STIs from having sex with another woman.

Fact:: You can take a range of STIs from woman to woman sexual activities. It is very important to always have protected sex, no matter who you're having sex with.

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