Get a Healthy Sex Life

Sexual Health is very important for a happy married life. Apart from reproduction, sex is necessary for a perfect relationship as it provides pleasure, intimacy, sexual expressions and happiness to strengthen it. Sex has many positive physical, emotional and social benefits. However, sex problems are very common these days and bothering the married couples. A huge number of people can be seen suffering from a range of sexual problems which are hindering their personal life. It is a topic that many people hesitate to discuss, but we advise them not to hide sexual weakness problems, it’s better to share with your family and friends and seek consultation from the experts.

Get a Healthy Sex Life

Dr. Madhusudan Bhatti (B.A.M.S.)

Sexologist in Haridwar

Dr. Madhusudan (Sexologist & Proctologist) is a founder & director of Arogya Clinic and specialized in Ayurveda. With having more than 10 years of experience, he is serving the people effectively. The objective of the Doctor us to overcome the emotional, relational and behavioral problems of the people who are sexually weak. Of Course, a sexual and mental state of the people is related to each other. If you or your partner have problems in personal life or suffering from private health issues, must visit the Sexologist in Haridwar. People who are unable to visit the doctor in his clinic may avail the online sexual health consultation in Haridwar.

About Arogya Clinic

At Arogya Clinic, Dr. Madhusudan is determined to serve the patients through effective treatments that include medicines, therapies and regular consultation. Along with physical treatments, we provide psychological counseling also like 70% of sexual problems are related to stress, depression, anxiety, job burden, and other psychological issues.

We at Arogya clinic are fully equipped with modern techniques and provide a perfect combination of Allopathy and Ayurveda Treatment according to the severity of the disease. Here, first we make the patient relaxed and comfortable through counseling, and then we do a detailed analysis to find the exact problem and provide the best treatment accordingly.

Common Sexual Health Procedures or Services in Haridwar

Get the right clinical services nearby in Haridwar only at Arogya Clinic. Visit the Clinic for the common or chronic sexual health issues which are:-

Treatments we provide:

Mast. Addiction



Male Infertility

Premature Ejaculation

Female Infertility

Erectile Dysfunction

Pre- Marriage Counseling

We also provide treatment for itching in genital parts, skin allergies, and other genital problems.

Online Sexual Health Consultation in Haridwar

The toughest task for a sexologist is to convince the patients to share their problems openly as people feel shy and hesitate to discuss the topic. Keeping that in mind, Arogya Clinic has started online consultation also to help the patients.

Online consultation also can be effective only if you disclose the complete information to your doctor. Treatment will be done according to the physical and psychological health of the person. Correction of abnormal sexual behavior can be tough as it is done through proper guidelines and counseling. So, we recommend you to schedule an appointment for online consultation if you find your partner is not happy and satisfied sexually.

Ayurvedic Sexologist in Haridwar

If you have any kind of sexual problem, you may contact Arogya Clinic in Haridwar for the ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatment can be a bit slow but it is proven and without any side-effects. Sex is natural but the strength differs from person to person which again can be affected by various factors like lifestyle, environmental and psychological factors. Accordingly, some treatments are based on appropriate counseling whereas medication and therapies are required for chronic cases.

Why prefer Arogya Clinic for Sexual Health

Choosing one sexual health partner can be a difficult job. Here we give you numerous reasons to choose Arogya Clinic as the Best Ayurveda Sexual Health Clinic in Haridwar:-

Diversified Treatments

We study the patient's medical history and lifestyle habits to diagnose accurately and provide specific treatment accordingly.

Natural Herbs & Supplements

Our medicine or formulas are natural herbs and supplements with no side-effects.

Highly Qualified Doctor

Highly qualified and specialized doctor will counsel the patients and provide online consultation after reviewing the whole reports and facts.


we promise our patients not to share any information with others. However, they can give their feedback and reviews on their own choice to improve our services.

Do Not delay your personal health issues and get the consultation through Best Sexologist in Haridwar.

Sexologist in Haridwar

Nikhil Yadav

Extremely good. He was very helpful and precise on the test and prescription side. He explained everything very clearly and even waited a little extra for us too diagnose the test results. I am very satisfied by the treatment given to me.

Arogya Clinic Haridwar

Karan Singh

One of the Great sexologist and a caring human being. Due to his continuous suggestions and support I completely free from sexual problem. Never seen a friendly-behavior and exceptional question answering. Thanks so much for assistance.

ayurdeic Sexologist

Riya Malhotra

Dr. Madhusudan has a very professional approach and yet he is friendly and puts his patients at ease. He has been treating my sister for over a year and I have seen a significant improvement in her. His medicines are effective and his workshops are inspiring. He is also very prompt in responding to queries raised regarding his patients and is very more

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