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Looking for the prominent personal health partner to enjoy satisfactory sexual life after marriage!! Get a consultation with our Senior and experienced Sexologist in Delhi. We and our staff offer ultimate and successful treatment for Both Men and women across India. It is our patients only who have given us the recognition of "Best Sexologist in Delhi".

Arogya Clinic is one of the leading Ayurvedic Sexual Health Clinics in Delhi offers treatment for various sexual health issues, Anal problems & Enlarged Prostate glands through Ayurveda. This clinic is successfully led & directed by Dr. Madhusudan Bhatti who is a renowned sexologist in Delhi. With having a team of professionals, the clinic is able to deliver successful, timely & proven results. To cater the female patients, a female sexologist in Delhi is appointed to hear their problems & to offer solutions thereof. Satisfactory sexual life is the base of Happy Married Life and we ensure this bonding with the growth stage of life.

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Dr. Madhusudan Bhatti (B.A.M.S.)

Dr. Madhusudan (Sexologist & Proctologist) is a founder & director of Arogya Clinic and specialized in Ayurveda. With having more than 10 years of experience, he is serving the people effectively. The objective of the Doctor us to overcome the emotional, relational and behavioral problems of the people who are sexually weak. Of Course, a sexual and mental state of the people is related to each other. If you or your partner have problems in personal life or suffering from private health issues, must visit the Sexologist in Delhi. People who are unable to visit the doctor in his clinic may avail the online sexual health consultation in Delhi.

A Good Doctor is the one who looks for the actual disease, analyze the factors, check the patient's medical history, counsels politely, maintains privacy and offers preventive measures & effective treatments via medication, diet & physical activity. The one who strives for the quality treatment, instead of casualty.

Arogya Clinic- Your Sexual Health Partner in Delhi!!

No clinic can offer better medical services without a well-experienced and well-disciplined doctor. Arogya Clinic is equipped with educated sexologists who inform, educate and advise the patients or couples on various personal health problems related to pregnancy, family planning, menopause, and sexual concerns. Sometimes, professional consultation or counseling is the best medicine to overcome health difficulties. If we talk about sexual health issues, common problems in men are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, etc. Yes, we call these problems common because 8 out of 10 people can be seen suffering from sexual health issues, yet they may be hiding due to social or psychological factors. Eliminating this label is required to get a happy married life and that is what sexology does.

Some sexual issues are the results of disagreements or conflicts between the couple. This is the reason, we always advise the couples to come together, this is the common project undertaken by together. As a scientist, sex doctor knows the problem, delivers the solution thereof. Living as a friend after marriage is always good, but without passion for physical intimacy, the marriage would seem boring & incomplete. Couples are always advisable to seek expert consultation in case of sexual dysfunction.

Why Arogya Clinic- Ayurveda Sexual Health Clinic in Delhi

Choosing one sexual health partner can be a difficult job. Here we give you numerous reasons to choose Arogya Clinic as the Best Ayurveda Sexual Health Clinic in Delhi

Educated & Experienced Doctors

Qualified and well-trained doctors will examine your health issues and will provide you the prominent results.

Safe & Successful Treatment

Tried and tested treatments are given based on the actual medical health conditions, with no side-effects

Customized Medications

Single medicine cant be solutions for all the problems, so customized & disease based medicines are provided


Being the delicate matter, 100% privacy & confidentiality is maintained. No information will be leaked to outsiders without consent.


Indian Culture motivates using Ayurveda since its inception. Even our scientific approach based on Ayurvedic treatments only.

No Side-Effects

Ayurveda medicine doesn't have any side-effects, you will either have no results or will have slow but durable positive results.

Non-Surgical Treatments

We never encourage to take help of surgeries if the disease is curable through medicine and diet approach.


Ethically medicines are made with huge transparency without charging any hidden cost and without adding adult supplements.

Online sex health consultation in Delhi is also provided to the people.

Men or women may send reports through mail or WhatsApp.

Common Sexual Health Procedures or Services in Delhi

Get the right clinical services nearby in Delhi only at Arogya Clinic. Visit the Clinic for the common or chronic sexual health issues which are:-

Male Sexual Problem

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Premature Ejaculation (early discharge)

Small Penis & Penis Enlargement

Low Sex Desire (Decreased Libido)

Inability to Consummate after Marriage

Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation (orgasm)

Female Sexual Problem

Pain During Intercourse

Vaginismus (Pain with Spasm at Time of Entry)

Low Sex Desire (Libido)

Lack of Orgasm

Lack of Enjoyment During Intercourse

Dryness of Vagina During Intercourse

What to do?

To have a better lifestyle and sexual life, follow the simple and easy steps required to have a happy sexual and married life

Explain the sexual desire or issues with your partner in a healthy way
Quit alcohol, smoking & drug usage
Manage stress or anxiety through meditation or yoga
Talk about your physical and emotional state of mind
Get proper diagnosis & treatment
Seek expert help in case of any medical conditions.

What Not To Do?

Our sexual health based on our happy married life. So better to avoid a few things which may adversely affect the sexual life.

Don't feel the guilt of sexual desire
Do not get into arguments with the partner before laying to bed
Do not blame each other
Do not talk about the imperfections
Do not fear while having the partner touch
Do not be so quick
Do not be more stressful before intercourse

Do not avoid or neglect the health issues, rather book your appointment with Best Sexologist in Delhi!

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Nikhil Yadav

Extremely good. He was very helpful and precise on the test and prescription side. He explained everything very clearly and even waited a little extra for us too diagnose the test results. I am very satisfied by the treatment given to me.

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Karan Singh

One of the Great sexologist and a caring human being. Due to his continuous suggestions and support I completely free from sexual problem. Never seen a friendly-behavior and exceptional question answering. Thanks so much for assistance.

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Riya Malhotra

Dr. Madhusudan has a very professional approach and yet he is friendly and puts his patients at ease. He has been treating my sister for over a year and I have seen a significant improvement in her. His medicines are effective and his workshops are inspiring. He is also very prompt in responding to queries raised regarding his patients and is very more

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