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Sex and Health (Best Sexologist in Delhi)

A happy, good going sex life can actually do a lot good to your body. Partners who have healthy sex are found to be joyous and healthier than the counterparts. It is not just potent of improving health but can also save you from certain disorders in the future. Here we present you the less known facts about sex & health.

Health Benefits of Sex

Boosts Immunity :Having a strong immune system is like wearing a safeguard all day round. Consistent sex strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s ability to fight against infections like bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Blood Pressure :High blood pressure is a common problem that remains no more common with a healthy sex life. As sexual intercourse lowers blood pressure, especially good for systolic blood pressure.

Burn Calories :With a healthy sex life, you can skip on exercise sometimes as it is itself a great calorie burning activity. It works as a great exercise for muscles that burn calories.

Low risk of Heart Attack :Having good sex with your partner can keep your heart happy and healthy. As it increases the heart rate. Also, the levels of sex hormones i.e., estrogen and testosterone stay in balance.

Lowers Pain :Sexual intercourse with an orgasm can aid in reducing pain. It leads to vaginal stimulation that helps to block chronic pain in back or leg, pain due to menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and even reduces a headache.

Better Sleep :Whether or not you have insomnia, good sex can give you a better sleep. Usually, people doze off after sex and wake up after a sound sleep.

Sway Away Stress :Sex entices chemicals in the brain that activates sensation of pleasure. This ultimately relieves mind from stress. A great sex life can boost the self-esteem of a person making them feel more happy about themselves.

Low Risks of Prostate Cancer :Men usually suffer from cancer in the prostate. But healthy sex can reduce the chances of prostate cancer. As, frequent ejaculation, at least 21 times a month lowers the risk to get prostate cancer.

Bladder Control in Women :About 30% of women are affected by incontinence at some phase in their lives. Regular sex helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Also, orgasm leads to contractions in muscles making those muscles strong.

To have a happy and healthy sex life, one must love the partner unconditionally. After all, your health and sexual life are related to each other. Protect your health by protecting your sexual life. For any issues and discrepancies, Consult with the sexual health experts in Gurgaon.

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