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Prostate Cancer (Non-Surgical) Specialist Doctor in Gurgaon

Prostate enlargement is a common problem faced by men after middle age. It constitutes of the prostate gland which forms part of the male genital organ. Its orientation is below the bladder surrounding a portion of the bladder and the urethra. The prostate gland produces seminal fluid.

In terms of Ayurveda, bodily disorders result due to an imbalance in the life forces inside a human body. It constitutes of three doshas (imbalance), namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurvedic treatment aims at balancing these three elements to improve the body’s ability to resist further ailments. To cure the issue of prostate enlargement, different herbs are used for different types of prostate problems.

Before moving to Ayurvedic treatments for prostate enlargement, let’s look at the signs and symptoms of this problem.

prostate cancer treatments in gurgaon


prostate cancer treatments in gurgaon

Enlarged Prostate Ayurvedic Treatment in Gurgaon

Ayurvedic Herbs

The treatments under Ayurveda depends on reducing the effect of dosha in the body to bring it back in balance. Prostate problems may develop due to the vitiation of Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

Herbs for treating prostate due to Vata vitiation

To overcome the prostate problem caused due to Vata dosha, restorative power of the following herbs are used as treatment:-

ayurvedic treatment for prostate cancer in gurgaon

Herbs for treating prostate due to Pitta vitiation

To overcome prostate problems caused due to the pitta dosha which is known to increase the heat in the body, some of the cooling herbs are used to normalize the high pitta. Such as:-

Herbs for treating prostate due to Kapha vitiation

To overcome prostate problems caused due to Kapha dosha the following herbs are used:-

These herbs are combined with some special spices like ginger, turmeric or cinnamon for treatment.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Some Ayurvedic medicines are also recommended to cure enlargement of prostate gland. Some of the medicines are listed below: -

Ayurvedic Tips

Males, especially who are more than 50 years old and have complaints of prostate gland or enlarged prostate should avail non-surgical treatments to minimise the risk. Connect with Arogya Clinic and get the best Ayurvedic Treatment for enlarged prostate in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

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