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Penile Enlargement - The related myths

Your day to day habits can greatly impact the way your body behave and grow. It can even affect the size of your penis. Some men may undergo anxiety problems or have a negative body image because of small penis size. Starting from the early old days to recent times, a number of methods have been invented to enhance the sexual experience. The list includes cosmetic surgeries to revive genitals, liposuction, and enlargement of breast or penis. However, with these procedures follow various myths.

Here we list some popular myth related to enlargement of the penis:-

Over-the-counter treatments will help.You might have seen commercials on TVs and newspapers to overcome sexual problems. They come up with over-the-counter treatments to get desired sexual health. Often, the remedies include supplements, pills or creams to attain a desired girth & length of the penis. But, do you realize that it's just their marketing tactics to make money from your problems because all these remedies don't really give you the results?

Hanging weights. It is believed that strapping weights can help increase the penis length due to the stretching caused. But, sadly the practice can injure your penis. It might show some changes in size as a result of a stretch, however, it demands a lot of dedication.

This remedy is not proven on medical grounds. Also, hanging weights for more than eight hours in a single day for a period of seven months can damage the tissues.

Vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps are meant to suck whatever comes its way. If the penis is put in these cylindrical air sucking machine, the pump will draw blood to the penis. This will charge the area and cause the penis to get erect and slightly big. The penis is then clamped with a ring like a thing to stop blood to flow out which prevents the blood from flowing back. However, the erection lasts only till the ring is clamped.

Moreover, this method can be harmful if the clip is on for more than 20 minutes. It’ll then lead to damage to cell tissue.

A penile surgery is what you can consider if you want to increase the size of the penis. Adding to it, penile length of 2-3 inches is considered good for sexual satisfaction. Although, size hardly matters if you know how to handle your partner and have a positive body image.

Apart from this, a Combination of Therapies and Ayurveda may bring Better results for penile enlargement. Get Consultation with Arogya Clinic in Gurgaon to avail Best Penis Enlargement Treatment through Ayurveda. Confidence is the key!

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