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Make Your Sexual Experience Better!!

How would you feel if you grab food which is not tasty!! How would you feel if you are using the soap which not scents well!! there are too many other things with which you can't compromise. So why should you compromise with the sexual life?

Sexual life is the base of a happy married life. It is the essential content to strengthen the bond between the couple. So one should enjoy the company of a partner by doing the innovative thing which pleases each other. Before you start your sexual intercourse, follow some tricks to make your sex life safe and healthy for a better relationship:-

  • More Hugs & kisses: As per the research, It takes much time for the women to get aroused. so better to play gently. Engage in more kisses and hugs as it helps to stimulate healthy organs. Along hug secretes oxytocin which works well to balance the hormone. Even kisses increase the blood flow around the body.
  • Oral Sex: Be it boys or girls, Oral sex play significant roles to stimulate the sex intercourse. In fact, in women, oral sex works better than the coitus. While performing oral sex, always follow the hygiene rules.
  • Better Amount of Foreplay: Foreplay increase the interest of the Women for the better stimulation and to reach the organs while having sexual intercourse. Men do experience better fantasies. Better to make foreplay as much as you can.
  • Sex Toys: It's not harmful to try the sex toys, women being on the top while having coitus may feel stalemated with the sex toys as you may be unable to reach her organs.
  • Understand the anatomy of the women: As compared to men, women need more stimulation so it becomes necessary to understand the anatomy of the women. There are various sensitive nerve cells on the clitoris which may drive more sex or may even hurt if misused. So bitter to understand the Anatoly of the women.

To make your sexual life better and to experience happy married life, you may consult the sexual health doctor in Delhi through online or visiting him personally.

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