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Is Romance Dropping in Your Love Life?

Day to day habits holds the power to enhance or mar your sexual experience. It may leave you limp after an intercourse or even during the moment. This affects the desire to engage in sexual activities which directly affects our romantic relationship with your partner. Some of the habits can lower libido. So, it’s better you know what might be spoiling your love life to fix it in time.

Here we list the major 4 habits killing romance in your love life: -

  • Poor nourishment to sex drive:To not let yourself limb during or after the intercourse focus on nourishing your libido or say sex drive. The libido can get lower due to improper nutrition you take. A good choice of dietary fibers can nourish your sex drive combatting low libido. For an increased sex drive add more aphrodisiacs to your diet like dark chocolates, oysters, strawberries, bananas, and yogurt. These foods are rich in zinc, magnesium and other minerals that boost libido.
  • High sugar intake:Too much sugar has done no good to anyone and it can be a culprit in spoiling your sex life as well. Consuming too much sugar in a day can spike the levels of insulin in your blood i.e., increase the blood sugar levels in your body. As a result of which you’ll feel inactive. Excess sugar affects the sex hormones. It can raise estrogen in men leading to low libido and can drop the levels of testosterone in women that lead to limp during and after intercourse.
  • Too much masturbation: Self-stimulation activity is okay but engaging in masturbation too many times in a day can lead to fatigue. This can also affect you with other health issues. A person can indulge in masturbation 2-3 times a day which is an acceptable figure and does not impose an adverse effect on health. More than the acceptable can cause issues such as feeling limp, low libido or flaccid penis.
  • Stress:It is common to have some amount of stress at different phases of life. However, when the stress levels go sky-high it interferes with the body system which can also lead to poor sexual performance. Sex is known to combat stress and make you relaxed, but such high levels of stress can make you feel a liability to have sex and not something you put all your mind, body and soul together. This results in poor orgasm or ejaculation.

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