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How to Protect your Sexual Life from the effect of the Thyroids?

Thyroid - not only affects the overall health but may ruin the pleasure of sexual life. Taking the treatment to get rid of the thyroid can be time-consuming to get the positive effects so better to have the alternative treatments which will help to improve the sexual life:-

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  • Hormonal Treatment:Our sexual life entirely depends on the production of hormones. So people suffering from the thyroid problems may avail the hormonal therapy treatment to balance the hormone level. One should check for the Hormonal evaluation along with the other checkups such as adrenal function, testosterone, estrogen, and other androgen levels. This will find out the other deficiencies so that hormone replacement therapy can be effectively applied along with the proper medications.

  • Medication: Doctors may offer some medicine to reduce the impact of thyroids. T4 drug or Levothyroxine can be the perfect resolution of sexual problems. Doctors may also prescribe to avail T3 drug once the libido is restored.

  • Supplements: Hormone effects the testosterone and estrogen among men and women respectively. So Men may require to have testosterone supplements whereas women may need to have the estrogen or progesterone supplements to tackle the sexual problems. These supplements can be given in the form of pills, patch or through an injection.

  • Sex Therapy: This one is the most popular alternative treatment to resolve the sexual issues. This one is most helpful if the depression is the major cause behind the sexual weakness or thyroid disorders.

Whatever treatments you are ailing to improve the sexual life, better to have a details check-ups before this. If you are willing to know more about the thyroid impacts and successful treatment toward happy married and sexual life, better to have the online consultation with sexologist in Gurgaon.

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