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How to Diagnose & Treat the Orgasmic Disorder


If you have orgasmic dysfunction, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor to diagnose your condition and get a proper treatment plan, so that you can fully enjoy sexual activity again after your treatment. Your doctor may ask questions regarding your sexual history and execute a physical examination. Your responses and exam results may disclose any underlying causes of orgasmic dysfunction and may help identify other factors which may be contributing to your condition.


Treatment for orgasmic dysfunction is based on the cause of the condition. You may require to:

Couples counseling is also a very popular treatment option for orgasmic dysfunction. A counselor may help you and your partner work through any differences or conflicts you may be having. This may resolve the issues which are going on both in the relationship and in your bedroom.

Sometimes, estrogen hormone therapy can be used. Estrogen may help boost sexual desire or the amount of blood flow to the genitals for heightened sensitivity. Estrogen hormone therapy may include taking a tablet, wearing a patch, or applying a gel to the genitals. Testosterone therapy is another way to treat anorgasmia.

Some over-the-counter medicines and nutritional supplements can also help women with orgasmic dysfunction. Arousal oils can warm the clitoris and improve stimulation. These oils may be good to use during sexual intercourse and masturbation.

But, make sure to speak to your doctor prior to using any over-the-counter products or medications. They can cause an allergic reaction or interfere with other medicines you’re taking.

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