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How Can Depression Affect Your Sex Life?

Depression is usually characterized by hopelessness, sadness, unmotivated, or indifferent about life. This is the depression generally people know. But the disorder can manifest itself in some surprising ways, and some of the symptoms are more easily identifiable than others. Chronic depression affects all part of everyday life, including sex. It reduces sex drive, yet sex can improve your mood and is significant for relationships.

Depression can have a deep impact on sexual relationships. It may hamper our capacity to believe emotionally secure with our partner, and it can lessen our desire for and enjoyment of the sexual relationship

Some of the most common issues that depression may cause:

Here are some suggestions to improve sexual life in depressed people:

Better to seek consultation from the Ayurvedic Sexologist in Gurgaon to beat the depression and to enjoy the sexual life after marriage.

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