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Excess Weight Lifting may cause Piles- Beware!!

If you are really fond of exercising and lifting heavy weights, then you are in danger of developing piles. Yes, heavy weight lifting may force your internal veins to come out from the anal area. Piles or Hemorrhoids are swollen veins which occurs when you strain too much. It is always suggested to consult with the doctor or to have a personal trainer while lifting weights. If you are already in danger of Piles or Hemorrhoids, it is always suggested not to lift the heavy weights otherwise it may worsen the pile's problems.

If you are exercising or lifting a weight, and taking proper breathe, then you are in a normal position. It may not cause any force in any area of the body. While lifting heavy weight, if you control your breath, it will put more strain on your anus area which may results in swollen veins from the anus. It is described as piles or Hemorrhoids. You must be wondering- how it happens? Holding the breath for long while lifting weight will put more pressure. It forces the air in your lungs downward, causing strain in internal organs and then causing veins in the rectum.

What to do while having Piles or Hemorrhoids-

  • If you are already suffering from the piles or Hemorrhoids, better o consult with the doctor.
  • Discontinue the heavy weight lifting exercise
  • Adapt the habit of light exercises or yoga.
  • Try intaking rich-fiber diets and fluids as much as possible to make the bowel movement easy
  • Do not put more pressure on Internal organs.
  • Take a walk of 30 minutes in a day.
  • Adapt home remedies for piles to get recover soon.

In case the Piles persists for long, it is advisable to consult with Best Ayurvedic Piles Doctor in Delhi to get timely treatments.

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