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Erectile Dysfunction (Impotency) Causes & Symptoms

When a person suffers from Impotency, he is incapable of maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse.

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Impotency is also known as erectile dysfunction. Sexual impotency interrupts not just the sexual life of a person but also strains his relationship with his spouse. The most important experience of going to bed with the partner for the first time can be badly ruined if a person fails to maintain the erection at the prime moment. This can have bad effects on the relationship. Anyone in this situation will want to come out of it, isn't it?

The causes of sexual impotence can be physical or psychological in nature. Our specialists aim to understand the root cause of the problem and guide the person accordingly throughout the complete treatment. The most prominent causes of impotency can be excess masturbation of excessive intercourse. Sometimes due to psychological reasons, it happens that the person loses the drive and excitement in sex, or is scared of proper performance and that he might be unable to impress his partner. The loss of love among the partners, troubled relationships, extramarital affairs by the partner due to unsatisfied physical needs can all be the devastating and disheartening results of sexual impotency. The sooner this issue is addressed the more happiness it can bring to a relationship, the people involved and make way for a great future of togetherness.

The common symptoms can be :

  • Limp Erections: Erections that are too soft or limp – The person intends to and is aroused to have intercourse, but there is lifelessness or lack of hardness in the penis. Due to this, penetration is not possible.
  • Short time Erections: Erections lasting for very short timespan – The person is incompetent to maintain the erection for the desired time which leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment of his sexual health partner.
  • Complete lack of erections: The person wants to have intercourse but is not able to get aroused, and hence fails to have any erection at all. Premature ejaculation: The person is unable to hold on till the final moment and ejaculates before the actual act of penetration take place.

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