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Treat Constipation with Ayurveda - Common Cause of Piles

Piles are one of the most embarrassing and painful situations which cant be discussed with everyone. It is also called Haemorrhoids which are referred as enlarges or swollen vein in the anus. It can be internal and external. Internal piles cannot be felt through touching as they find in an internal lining. It may lead to bleeding pain and discomfort. Whereas External piles can be felt as tissue comes out. it may also bleed and pain while sitting or putting pressure.

Constipation is one of the common or biggest causes or reason of Piles. When constipation occurs, humanly felt like putting more pressure while bowel movements. Constipation may occur due to bad food habits and intake less amount of fluids. Apart from constipation, some of the other causes of piles are:-

  • Gastric problems
  • Obesity
  • increasing weight of uterus during pregnancy
  • Genetic Constitution
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Piles will be affecting the lower part of anus or rectal. It may lead to pain, itching, irritation, bleeding, the slight protrusion (external piles), swelling, etc. If you are facing one or more such circumstances or factors, this can be the symptom of piles and hemorrhoids.

Ayurveda Treatment for Piles

Ayurveda has a great place in real life to treat any kind of disease. Ayurveda is able to treat the biggest problems like cancer. Ayurveda approach towards piles has shown enormous results. One will be advised on various aspects of the diet, lifestyle, herbal supplements, medication, exercise and even massage. Since Constipation is the one of the root cause of piles, improving digestive systems will helps to cure piles. If you already at a later stage of piles, Ayurvedic treatment for piles in Delhi will surely treat the symptoms and improve quality of life. Haritaki and Jimikand are the two important herbs which are used to treat the piles while improving digestive symptoms.

While taking Ayurvedic treatments for piles, you may be asked to change your lifestyle by avoiding starchy foods and adding rich-fiber foods which may lead to soften your stools and cure constipation. Ayurvedic Treatments will surely improve the Piles. In case of the serious issue or severe bleeding, surgery is the most effective option to cure Piles or hemorrhoids.

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