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Best And High-Quality Ayurvedic Treatment For Fistula at Arogya Clinic

Best And High-Quality Ayurvedic Treatment For Fistula

Ayurvedic Treatment For Fistula at Arogya Clinic

Ayurvedic treatment is the best practice in India for more than many centuries. Even before Western medicine was introduced, our ancestors found different treatments for many ailments in Ayurveda. The ultimate aim of this treatment is the cure of a certain disease using medicinal plants and herb. If you have Bhagindar or fistula, then many treatments can help you reduce the pain and swelling. Other symptoms include itching, painful movement bowel, constipation, bloody stool, and irritating pain after defacing. Ayurvedic Treatments help the body to maintain three different doshas like pitta, Kapha, and Vata. These are nothing but the air, water, and fire ratio of our body. Any changes in any of these can pave the way for different diseases.

Following are the different treatments for fistula

  • Herbal application: An alkaline paste called Kshara is applied to the fistula using a specialized device.
  • Medication: If you are suffering from minor hemorrhoids, then the medication is enough to treat. These ayurvedic treatments for Bhagindar or fistula include dietary and lifestyle changes for the people.
  • Surgical methods: If your hemorrhoid is severe, then the practitioner can suggest a Sastra Chikitsa. This helps to tie a fistula at the base and cut the blood supply.
  • Cauterization: This involved burning the fistula using Infrared heat for burning them.

These are the ayurvedic practices to permanently get rid of the fistula.

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