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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Having Intercourse?

There is nothing to shy about while discussing sexual aspects with your partner. In fact, talking about sex will help to know each other’s needs and requirements. Do not do anything which creates a blunder in your bedroom before having a sleep as it will stop your partner to attain the orgasms. To have a healthy & happy sexual experience, one should avoid the following mistakes in the bed which are:-

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  • Not Kissing: Do not be so harsh and don't be so pushy. Play slowly and play well. Always kiss your partner while having sexual intercourse. Kiss is the only source which shows the affection and love towards the partner. Try to kiss gently to make your sexual experience great.

  • Don't lie: Women can be seen being fake on the bed. They usually show the fake orgasms during sexual intercourse. The motive behind telling a lie is to protect the married life or not to let embarrass the partner. But being fake will never improve the sexual life. So better to tell him what you feel and what you want. Choose the right way and right words to express your feelings.

  • Avoid Silence: It is not always necessary to moan or to scream during the sex but saying naughty words may help to make your sex more happening. If you stay silent, the whole process will be unrewarding and may lead to moral down of your partner. be naughty, play hard and enjoy the sexual intercourse.

  • Ignoring Certain Parts: C Spot & penis are not the only organs in the body raising the sexual stimulation. Try to kiss thighs, indulge in neck kissing, and be gentle on the other parts as well. Ignoring the other body parts will make your sexual life boring.

  • Don't compare Sexual Life with the Porn Life: Men are more likely to get inspired by the porn movies. They usually expect his partner to lick the dick which should not be forceful. On the other hands, women should not expect the men to change their sexual position instantly and quickly. What happens in the porn movies, are just the part of trained professionals who work for the money. Instead of using the porn actions, develop your own comfort and arousal levels to make your sexual life happening.

In case you have any concern or issue related to your sexual life, speak to sexual health expert and get answers to all your questions.

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